The Gem
The Gem
The Gem

The Gem


A delight for the senses, The Gem can be utilized as a floating headboard or a feature wall piece in your home, office or retail space.  It adds true style and texture to any room.

The finish is a feature not to be overlooked, you can choose from our Bee's Wax Wood Conditioner, Antique Oak or Walnut Hard Wax Finish, Black, White or a custom colour finish.

The best part is you get to choose 1 feature colour for this piece. 

No need to stress and pick a colour now, once you have placed your order we will find just the right colour for you and your space. 

Double / Small = 54" Wide x 36" High 

Queen / Medium = 60 Wide x 36" High 

King / Large = 72" Wide x 36" High 

The Gem Mounts to the wall with a french cleat. What is that you ask? Don't worry we got you covered! We will provide all the hardware and instruction you need or we can help with Installation. Get in touch and let's talk! 

Made from reclaimed Spruce, Pine and Fir