Our Mission


A sustainable life can start with your choice of Furnishings & Millwork

Wood Shop Workers Co-op makes sustainable furniture that looks good, feels good and does good. 

When we founded Wood Shop we wanted to create products that were good for People and the Planet too.  

Every year good wood is discarded as waste. We wanted to do something about it, so we founded Wood Shop Worker’s Co-op.

Wood Shop creates reclaimed and sustainably sourced wood furnishings and interiors for homes and business while focusing on meaningful employment for our workers supporting local community development initiatives and using products that help, not hurt the planet.

Here are just a few reasons why your choice should be Wood Shop.

We are Local – Handmade and Crafted in Vancouver, B.C.

We pay our workers well so that they can thrive, not just survive. Our workers are paid a livable wage.

We practice ethical sourcing – The materials that we use are first and foremost reclaimed or sustainably sourced. No forests, natural habitats, barns or cultural heritage sites were harmed in the making of our furniture.

We are against animal testing – The products that we use when finishing our handcrafted furniture are not tested on animals nor do they contain products that are tested on animals.

We don’t create waste when Shipping or Packaging our products – We ship and sell our products free from non-recyclable products.

We support local community initiatives like Groundswell Social Venture Program, Hives for Humanity and MegaPhone Magazine. 

We are a Worker-Owned Co-operative business.